Sati (pali), describes a practice of meditation that has existed for thousands of years. The term is translated in English by mindfulness, or awareness. Healing with mindfulness is an effective & straightforward approach encouraging us to bring our attention to the present moment, to the body, the breath, the emotions and thoughts. This simple process of observation helps us to gain clarity and to appreciate the fullness of our experience. Sati points to a deep aspiration inhabiting us: being awake and free from suffering. (more on our therapeutic approach  on satitherapy.blogspot.com).

We offer a caring & active listening to young people and adults, couples and families. This is an opportunity to reflect on various aspects of your life, to acknowledge your feelings, to deepen your awareness, and to clarify your aspirations & your vision.

Together, we look into the factors generating balance and happiness in your life. With the help of creative tools, you can access your own resources in order to achieve the changes you wish for.

The initial session of 20 minutes is free.

Our counselling sessions are given over the phone or the internet, either via Skype or by emails. You can also choose hand-written letters to communicate. When counselling takes place in real time, usually weekly, the sessions last for an hour.

Contact us by email or telephone in order to arrange a free session, so we will be able to assess your needs and answer your questions.

Cost: £25/£35 per session, depending on your wages. We will consider giving further concession if needed. Payments can be made by electronic transfer, cheques or Paypal.

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